Possibility Thinking, The Luck Factor, Serendipity, and Good Fortune —Too Much For a Person xbox code generator to Expect in One Lifetime? Part 2—

Opportunity, says a famous writer, is like oxygen. It is so plentiful that we fairly breathe it. – Quoted by Robert Collier, Riches Within Your Reach
Not long Ron called me. A year earlier I had taken his 12 Keys to Effective Salesmanship Course in Austin, Texas.
“Where are you calling from Ron?” I asked. “I can’t hear you. Too much traffic.”
“I’m at the pay phone–hold on, there’s a truck going by, I can’t hear myself, can you hear me now? I’m calling from the 7-11,” he replied.
“Why are you phoning from the 7-11, Ron?” I asked. “Hang up and call me when you get home.”
“I don’t have a home,” Ron admitted.
“You don’t?” I inquired.
“No, I’m living in one of the storage units across the street. It’s not as bad as it sounds,” he said unconvincingly.
“You’ve rented a storage unit? That’s where you live?”
“For now,” he admitted. “It’s a temporary thing. Until I get on my feet again.”
Six months earlier Ron had been living in a $2300 per month rental home in an exclusive area of Austin. The home belonged to a woman he met at one of his seminars. When she realized how fast Ron was going through her money she became very practical, which meant giving up her illusions that he was–by his charisma and charm (which he possessed in abundance) the next change artist who would–with her financial assistance and publicity skills–become one of the best known motivational speakers in the U.S.
Living the cushy life in plush surroundings while cruising through her money at an almost record-setting pace, Ron seemed to lose his competitive edge. He liked dining out (and being seen) at Austin’s finest restaurants. When the love of his life realized he didn’t have the “hunger” or desire required to become what she envisioned fashioning him into, she cut her losses, and told him to move out. He was so cash poor at that point that the only place Ron could afford was a storage facility, #2-A I believe.
“I have lost my magic,” Ron said. This was a line I never forgot. “I have lost my magic. I don’t know